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Fun Time Engineering LLC offers a diverse range of exclusive products at affordable prices. We pride ourselves on providing high quality products and offer a quality guarantee on all items. When the Zombie Apocalypse hits, will you be prepared?



Zombie Halberd.
27" Overall length, 8" Grip length, 3 lbs.
Smite your zombie enemies with this solid steel Zombie Halberd by FTE. Only weighing 3 lbs, this weapon can be wielded with one or two hands.
The Zombie Halberd was featured on Zombie go Boom, and earned the ZgB Seal of Approval (click picture for video).



Introducing the Zombie Lobo.

28" long, 4.5 lbs, 11" wide blade. This Super-Duper zombie splitter is sure to impress your friends and scare your enemies to death!

Zombie Light Mace.
22" Overall length, 8" Grip length, 2.5 lbs, 11 spikes.
Pierce Zombie Skulls with this light, one handed mace by FTE. The Zombie Light Mace features a stabbing spike for thrusting and 11 satalite spikes for swinging. (click photo for YouTube video demonstration)

Zombie Battle Axe
43" overall length, 7 lbs., 2 blades
Just when you thought zombie weapons couldn't get any better, they did. Split wigs with this Heavy Zombie Battle Axe. Split skulls or stab your zombie foes with this double bladed weapon.

Zombie Heavy Starfire Mace.
36" Overall Length, 19" Grip Length, 6 lbs, 17 Spikes.
The ultimate zombie melee weapon! This Zombie Heavy Starfire Mace is designed with complete devastation in mind. Requires two hands for maximum effectivness.... Solid steel construction. FTE backs the Zombie Heavy Starfire Mace with a lifetime warranty and guarentees that even Zombies will think twice before approaching a man holding this! Order today.

Zombie Spade Axe

22" overall length, 2.25 lbs, 4 sided blade.

The Zombie Spade axe is a lightweight zombie killer and survival tool. Use this tool to dig a hole, chop wood or split a zombie skull!


20" overall length, 2.25 lbs, serrated saw edge, chopping edge, spade shovel, water proof storage handle.

The Z-Tool is a specialized zombie apocalypse survival tool designed to cut, chop, saw, dig and kill zombies. This tool is solid steel making it indestructable and indispensible in a survival situation. Click the link for a video demonstration by Ronin Sensei.

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